Initial Consultation


Our professional team of experienced and certified Nurse Injectors are here to take you step-by-step through the injection process, answer any and all of your questions and help alleviate your anxieties. But if you happen to be extra anxious or are just curious, we decided to let you know what to expect during your visit.

 This not only ensures that we’re made aware of a patient’s medical history, but it’s where we walk the patient through the injection process. We offer only full transparency and want our clients to feel open, honest and knowledgeable about any forthcoming procedure



Dysport is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that smoothes lines and wrinkles that commonly occur when facial muscles contract. Dysport treats moderate to severe cases of wrinkles. After injections are administered, the muscles under your skin will relax and smoothen specific areas on your face. Results typically last for 3-6 months, after which you’ll need to go for additional dosages.

You and the specialist will review what was discussed at your consultation appointment including how much Dysport you’re getting and in which areas. Typically, the entire treatment is completed in 20 minutes or less




Facial fillers are synthetic or naturally occurring substances injected into the lines, folds, and tissues of the face to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and restore the facial fullness that decreases with age. They’re used to erase smile lines, plump up cheeks and lips, and correct acne scars. They offer temporary results that last from months to a couple of years, depending on the product and the person.

Everything from age to the environment can cause wrinkles. What if you had the chance to turn back the clock? Have no fear fillers are here!