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Comprehensive ADHD Assessment Program

Cure MD now offers comprehensive ADHD assessments. Get a referral from your family doctor to get started or contact us to learn more.


Comprehensive Assessment 

We utilize psychological and objective cognitive testing to identify ADHD symptoms and functional impairments.



Our assessments are administered by fully trained master’s level clinicians and reviewed by psychiatrists


Cost Effective Program

Save over $1,000 on your ADHD diagnosis compared to other providers.

How The Program Works 

Step 1

Get referred from your family doctor. If you don’t have a family doctor, contact us directly.

Step 2

Answer initial screening questions to ensure our clinic is a fit for you. You’ll then book your appointment.

Step 3

Complete two appointments, one in-person and one virtually, which will take a total of 3 hours.

Step 4

Within two weeks, your evaluation report will be sent to your family doctor alongside a medical management plan and recommendations.

It's Time For A New Diagnosis 

ADHD can be a complex disorder, with symptoms evolving over time or perhaps not fitting neatly into the initial diagnosis. Strategies that were once effective might not remain so as your life circumstances change.


At Cure MD, we understand these challenges and want to provide you with an updated, comprehensive understanding of your ADHD symptoms.

Your Life Evolves, And So Can Your ADHD

Navigate life's changes with a reassessment that refines your treatment plan and provides the most current, comprehensive picture of your ADHD, aligning with your current situation and goals.


Improved Treatment Plans That Fit Your Lifestyle

If you feel like your current treatment plan isn't working as effectively as it used to, a reassessment can identify any changes in your symptoms or new areas to focus on.

Confirm Your Diagnosis And Clarify Your Understanding

Initial diagnoses may not capture the complete picture of your ADHD. A reassessment allows you to validate or correct your diagnosis, ensuring your treatment is precisely tailored to your unique condition.


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