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Give your skin refreshing hydration after cleansing. This light toner helps your skin stay balanced by restoring it to its optimal pH level while Witch Hazel helps reduce the appearance of pores. It’ s also formulated with a Moisture Strength Blend featuring Lactobacillus Ferment, Aloe, Sodium PCA, and Sodium Hyaluronate to help strengthen your natural moisture barrier, so your skin is left feeling refreshed and looking its best.

Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skin Care™ In Balance pH Balance Toner

C$26.00 Regular Price
C$21.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
    • Made with bioadaptive botanicals that help your skin adapt to its environment.
    • A clean formula with worry-free ingredients you can feel good about putting on your skin.
    • Helps reduce the appearance of pores.
    • Restores skin to its optimal pH level.
    • Strengthens skin’ s natural moisture barrier.
    • Provides an immediate boost of hydration after cleansing.
    • Prepares skin for additional products like treatments and moisturizers.
    • Promotes a refined, refreshed, smooth, radiant appearance.
    • Features a bottle that is proudly made from 100% postconsumer resin (PCR). 
  • Saturate a cotton pad with In Balance and sweep it over clean face and neck in an upward, outward motion. 

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