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It contains a potent and proprietary probiotic bacteria culture of Lactobacillus fermentum. Pharmanex's unique strain of Lactobacillus has shown an extraordinary resilience to the growth of undesirable organisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Clinical research shows a decrease in common gastrointestinal problems and an increase in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract after the introduction of this particular bacteria strain.

ProBio PCC®

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    • Clinically proven to encourage the proliferation of healthy "live" probiotic bacteria in the lower digestive tract, acting as a resilient and stable territorial colonizer* 
    • Reduces symptoms associated with occasional GI discomfort and promotes digestive comfort and regularity* 
    • Fortifies the natural digestive defense system and assists with the absorption of key nutrients* 
    • Supports healthy function of the urinary tract*
  • Take one capsule daily to maintain normal digestive health. While L. fermentum has been shown to actively colonize the lower digestive tract, continuous ingestion is recommended for best results.

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